Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Jewel of a Jewelry Store

My favorite ring kept slipping off my finger. Once or twice, I heard it hit the pavement in our driveway, indicating that unless I did something about the misfit I would lose it soon. The ring has strong sentimental value, because it's from my beloved Ph.D. alma mater, Ohio University.

As I entered the jewelry store--Gainesville Jewelry, in my place of residence, Gainesville, Georgia-- seeking a remedy, I was skeptical. The ring is quite thick, so cutting it down to a lower size might be cost prohibitive.

The assistant behind the counter could sense my attachment to the ring. Had she been working for profit alone, she might have told me, "Yes, we can cut it down a quarter size or a half size. Either way, the cost will be $100." What she said instead was no less than astonishing:

"Sir, here's my recommendation. Let us put a ring guard on for you. This will take away your worry about losing this fine piece of jewelry."

"A ring guard," I responded, "what's that?"

Quickly, she answered my question by inserting a small gold piece inside the part of the ring that goes underneath my finger. "See," she told me, "it's not even visible to anybody. Only you will know it is there, and you will forget about it, because there is no discomfort."

Then I asked the key question: "How much for the ring guard?"

"That will be $3.00--and I can put the guard on and adjust it right now."

"Did you say $3.00?" I could not believe a cost that low.

"That's right."

"Well, thank you for telling me about this. Let's take care of it now."

Within a couple of minutes, I had the ring on my finger--quite comfortably. As I paid the $3.00, I thanked the clerk for her superb help.

"Oh, one more thing, sir," she said with a genuine smile. "Let's take a minute to show you how to adjust the guard. You may want to change the size sometime without having to come back here."

After she demonstrated how to make the adjustment, I walked out of there fully satisfied. Truly, Gainesville Jewelry is a "jewel of a jewelry store."

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