Saturday, May 28, 2005

The One Job We Cannot Delegate

During my twenty-three years of management, I delegated hundreds of tasks, ranging from typing to arranging special events to filing to writing reports. Yet there is one responsibility we cannot pass along to someone else: keeping our motivation high.

Mistakenly, some people expect their motivation to come from:
  1. Their boss
  2. Their spouse
  3. Their family
  4. Their friends
  5. Their mentors
  6. Their teachers
  7. Their teammates

The truth is, while these individuals and groups can assist us with our motivation, the major effort has to come from us.

In subsequent posts to my blog, I will mention motivational steps and strategies that I find helpful--strategies I mention in my speeches, seminars and in my audio CD titled "Maintaining Maximum Motivation: Strategies for Staying in High Gear!" For now, though, take the first step of recognizing that although help may come from others, you are the primary force in attaining and nurturing your motivation.

You can order my motivation CD from my Web site:

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