Saturday, August 04, 2007

Veteran Journalist Writes Her First Book

When writers get together for lunch, they enjoy talking about their latest writing projects. That's one reason I had looked forward to lunch with Alma Bowen, former editor of The Times, our newspaper here in Gainesville, Georgia.

Even before we placed our order, Alma said, "I have written a book." Having been through that process myself--writing The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life!--I congratulated Alma on her accomplishment, then asked her to describe her book. Here's how she summarized the plot, both then and in a follow up E-mail:

Title: The Cement Duck

Short Summary: "It is 1971, and a slick-talking stranger with a northern accent walks into a north Georgia bank to set up large checking accounts. He cashes checks, asking for the money in small bills. The bank president knows that a new Interstate is coming and he believes the stranger is buying property just outside the town to build a major shopping center, a project that depends on total secrecy.

"A total of $1.1 million disappears, a swindle so large and so sly that the nation's financial newspaper reports it, saying the swindle took place at 'a back-country bank.'

"The FBI agents arrive with federal bank auditors to investigate. They believe the swindle was orchestrated out of Philadelphia, but why had the north Georgia bank been selected? People became afraid and suspicious of old friends.

"The story is based on an actual crime in northeast Georgia in 1971 with all names of people and significant places changed."

I'll let you know when The Cement Duck (quite an intriguing title, don't you agree?) appears in print.

Meanwhile, you may order The Complete Communicator from my Web site's "shopping cart," which you will find at:

When you order, please E-mail me to let me know how to sign your copy. That is, give me the name or names you want me to mention when I sign your copy or copies. My E-mail address:


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