Saturday, February 17, 2007

Anita Bruzzese Writes a "Must-Have" Book

Several years ago, I started reading "On the Job," a terrific weekly column carried by Gannett Newspapers. The columnist, Anita Bruzzese--pictured on the left-- gave superb advice about how to succeed in the work force.
Her writing style captivated me--humorous, upbeat, yet content-rich, sprinkled with practical illustrations that came from her numerous interviews with successful professionals.
Now Bruzzese has produced a book that capsules the advice her columns offered. The title grabs attention quickly: 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy--And How to Avoid Them.
My review of this book for Amazon displays this title: "Don't Go to Work Without This Book." Really, you shouldn't.

Without fail, Bruzzese scratches readers where they itch. In fact, hers is not armchair counsel. "I work for a living," she explains in this book's Introduction, "and have since I was fifteen."
Beyond her own experience, she draws on the hundreds of letters she receives from readers, and "hundreds of interviews I have done with company managers and career experts." Her conclusion: "Something is seriously wrong here, folks."
In 45 Things You Do, Bruzzese spotlights what's wrong--what we do, or don't do, on the job and even off duty that jeopardizes our standing with the boss, and frequently annoys our work associates as well. Office romance, enjoying the office holiday season party too much, inappopriate clothing, gossiping, crying at work--nothing offensive escapes her sleuthing eye.
In every case, fortunately, she tells us how to eliminate toxic behavior from our professional life.
I wish this very helpful book had been available when I started my twenty-three year management career. I would have benefited two ways. First, I would have avoided stupid blunders of my own that angered my bosses and threatened my career. The unfortunate part was that I didn't consider my behavior risky, much less out of bounds. Yet with each careless act, my bosses must have moved me into the "do not promote" category.
Second, I would have made this book required reading for every person I supervised, so they would ease my mind and improve their performance dramatically.
Now that I serve as a consultant and coach for top-level corporations, I will recommend 45 Things You Do to my clients. They will thank me, and will praise Anita Bruzzese for her terrific practical guidelines.
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Remember. . .don't go to work without this book.
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