Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mike Stewart--Most Versatile Man I Know

Ten years ago, shortly after I had started Championship Communication, a friendly fellow walked up to me after a meeting of the Georgia Speakers Association. After introducing himself as Mike Stewart, he asked: "Do you need any help developing your Web site?"

"No,thanks," I answered, "because mine is OK just like it is."

Politely, he said: "Well, call me if you ever need my services."

Within a few months, I had compared my fledgling Web site with sites displayed by other professional speakers. Soon I knew that my site lacked the professional touch theirs had. So I called Mike, and we initiated a magnificent working partnership, and a genuine friendship as well.

A decade later, Mike and his capable assistant Sarah continue to enrich my site, far beyond the basic framework I was foolishly satisfied with at first. Take a look:

Meanwhile, Mike Stewart has become the most versatile man I know. He was one of the first masters of audio for the Web, and rightly took the moniker, "The Internet Audio Guy," featured on this site: and this one:

More recently, Mike moved into video production, assuming another name, "The Internet Video Guy." Check the site: As a video expert, Mike trains other professionals to produce videos, both for marketing and instruction.

He directs audio, video and marketing seminars around the United States, and in England and Australia.

Yet Mike's skills are not confined to technology. He's a master musician, composing music that sells quite well on the Internet. Recently he recorded his first Jazz CD. And for years he has played in a band. How did one person get so much talent?

The photo above shows Mike where I have seen him many times--at the computer in my office, instructing me patiently and installing new programs.

How glad I am that Mike moved to his new lake home, just a few miles from my Gainesville, Georgia office.

But remember. . .because of the Internet, we have become the "global village" Marshall McLuhan predicted thirty-five years ago. So contact Mike, wherever you live. You'll benefit greatly, just as I have.

And you'll find that Mike is a heckuva nice guy.


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