Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Orthodontist Followed Great Communication Principles

Recently I had the privilege of renewing acquaintance with a
friend from my hometown, Columbia, Mississippi. His name:
Jim Woods, DDS.

Now living in Clemson, South Carolina, Jim can look back
with pride on an outstanding career as an orthodontist in
our home state. Outside of his office, he dedicated himself
to his wife Joan and their four children, and to extensive volunteer work with the YMCA.

Sure, during our lunch reunion we talked about friends we both knew growing up.We talked, too, about the central role that communication plays in professional success. I asked Jim, "What were the main communication strategies that you used with your staff, your patients and the parents of patients?" One week later he answered:

"I have thought over your kind request (with the input of former staff) and here are some important communication strategies that were used as I dealt with staff, patients, and parents":

1. In all things that you say or do: Be truthful, fair, and kind
2. Technology should never be substituted for personal contact.
3. Listen carefully and take notes as needed.
4. Write (by hand) notes of thanks and congratulations when warranted.
5. Attempt to live and work by The Golden Rule.

Dr. Woods added: "If I had to rate the most important of these, it would have to be numbers 1 and 5."

Having read these communication guidelines, we can readily see why Jim Woods has excelled in his profession and in life.

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