Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why I Provide Personal Coaching for Clients

What really excites me about my profession? Fortunately, everything I do.

Sure, I get a great kick out of speaking to a live audience, especially when the applause and comments afterward tell me I met the organization's needs. There's superb satisfaction, too, when something I have written appears in a prominent publication. Occasionally I get opportunities to appear on radio and TV, and that provides a thrill. And I welcome every invitation to spend a couple of hours as Master of Ceremonies for significant events--where I enjoy the challenge of keeping attendees interested and entertained.

Yet as nice as those highly visible experiences are, I get just as much satisfaction from the private personal coaching I offer clients. Not long ago an executive worked with me for two intensive afternoon-long sessions, concentrating on Presentation Skills, so he could be at his best when he spoke to his industry's national convention. When he called me after the event to say he had received highly positive feedback at the convention and afterward, his report was as stimulating as any public response I have experienced.

Another factor inspired me to become a coach to executives and aspiring professionals: Coaches have made a major difference in my life and career. One coach in California and another in Georgia gave valuable advice about marketing my speeches, seminars, coaching and consulting. Terry Brock, an internationally known technology expert based in Orlando, Florida, has helped me understand digital photography, blogging, RSS Feeds, audio/video recording for the Internet-- and so much more that I could not have learned independently. Truly, every dollar and hour that I have invested in coaching has generated lasting dividends.

To learn more about my coaching, check this page on my Web site:

Remember my motto: "Helping You Finish in First Place!"


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nice blog. thanks

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Jeff, thanks for letting me know that my blog is meaningful for you. Please tell your friends to visit Communicate for Success.

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