Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sometimes I Work at Sea

I'm glad to say that all of my presentations are not landlocked. In the past three years, I have had the opportunity to speak aboard wonderful cruise ships--the Radisson Diamond, The Regatta with Oceana Cruises and most recently the Horizon, which at that time was with Celebrity Cruises, but has moved to new ownership.

This view shows the top deck of the Horizon. I used that track regularly to walk off the many calories I consumed when I wasn't giving my three lectures:

"Orson Welles'1938 War of the Worlds Broadcast"
"Edward R. Murrow: Father of Radio/TV News"
"Kennedy/Nixon 1960 TV Presidential Debates"

My next cruise outing will take me through the Caribbean in February, and will bring warm relief from the north Georgia winter.

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