Friday, August 26, 2005

Join the Prominent Leaders Contributing to this Blog

Ever since I started this blog several months ago, I have welcomed stimulating ideas from nationally prominent leaders. Among them are:
  • Sales gurus Bill Bell and Doug Smart, CSP
  • Customer Service expert Bill Kalmar
  • Business strategist Don Mitchell
  • Public Relations leader Marilynn Mobley
  • Professional organizer Monica Ricci
I am very grateful for their contributions, and I am sure they will keep on sharing their insights.

Wouldn't you like to join them? The steps are simple. After any of the blog's articles, click COMMENT, and you will be walked through the process .

The originator and host of the blog can make a blog successful, yet a blog will not become outstanding without having others participate. So I invite you to read through the posted articles, then share your observations. Thanks for joining these other provocative thinkers!

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