Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Restaurant That Doesn't Know What "Rush" Means

Greg Robinson and I became acquainted when we both held vice presidential posts at a medical center in Gainesville, Georgia. Now Greg serves as CEO of Lowcountry Medical Associates in Charleston, South Carolina, and I head my company, Championship Communication. Fortunately, Greg and I stay in touch.

After reading one of my monthly e-mail newsletters, Greg wrote about an incident he and his wife Mary had at a local restaurant:

Mary and I had a bad experience one evening in a popular local restaurant. We arrived early and had only thirty minutes to order dinner, eat and leave for a church meeting. We asked the waiter to recommend something that would fit this difficult situation. The waiter did not comprehend but that was not immediately obvious to us. The experience was a disaster--the food took forever, we had to gobble it down in less than 2 minutes and it wasn't very good. I wrote a very nasty e-mail to the restaurant."

The restaurant manager exchanged a couple of e-mails with Greg, and included an offer for a refund or a $50 gift certificate for another visit to the restaurant.

Greg's reaction: "Although their offer was very generous, we have never eaten there again and did not accept the $50 gift. There are so many good restaurants in Charleston- - why bother?"

Well stated, Greg. We all know the axiom, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression."

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Blogger Marilynn Mobley said...

While I can certainly appreciate Greg's resistance to visiting this restaurant again, I would have taken the gift certificate and gone back. Here's why: he was offered the $50 certificate in the hopes he wouldn't use it. It costs the restaurant money for him to exchange it. So, I would have cashed in and felt good about it. In fact, if possible, I'd have used it to buy expensive drinks, since alcohol is such a profit builder for restaurants.

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