Thursday, June 09, 2005

Customer Service Expert Responds to Two Articles

I met Bill Kalmar of Lake Orion, Michigan, when we participated in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company's “Legendary Service Symposium” at the Ritz-Carlton Dearborn. Bill was there to emcee the event, and I was there to write a series of articles about the Ritz-Carlton for Expert Magazine. I invite you to read those articles online:

Bill is a former Director of the Michigan Quality Council, and he has served on the Malcolm Baldrige Award Committee, so he has dealt with customer service at the highest levels for many years.

In response to two recent articles in my blog, Bill wrote:

Both articles--"A Jewel of a Jewelry Store" and "Customer Care Pays Dividends"--illustrate what separates "Good Customer Service" from "Exceptional and Memorable Customer Service". Organizations that know how to ratchet up their customer service to higher levels are able to transform "Regular" or "Normal Customers" into "Loyal Customers". Loyal Customers will shop at your organization and buy services even if there is a store or company closer and even if the closer store charges less for the same product. Loyal customers appreciate extraordinary customer service!. This group of loyal customers has now become ambassadors for your company and will spread the word about your service to new potential customers. So if you can't afford your own Public Relations Firm, institute a policy of providing exceptional and memorable customer service and new customers will beat a path to your door!

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