Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Waiter Who Adjusted His Level of Service

Bill Kalmar--mentioned in my blog "Customer Service Expert Responds to Two Articles"--wrote this about a waiter:

"Your comments on customer service struck a chord with me. Maybe it's just me but it seems that when we dine at an upscale restaurant and don't order a drink, the customer service seems to deteriorate (not at the Ritz Carlton of course!) Mary and I went to a top restaurant in the area several years ago and since we don't drink we both ordered ice tea. The waiter of course had given us an elaborate wine list menu but we pushed it aside and asked for the nonalcoholic beverage. He obviously was distressed knowing that he would be missing out on padding our bill with an extravagant amount for the wine. His demeanor suddenly changed and while he was courteous, he was also distracted and used all of his energy with the people next to us who were ordering a bottle of wine. We never went back!"

Ah, Bill, because you have worked so closely with the Ritz-Carlton, as I have, you are right that this incident wouldn't happen there. You did what we call "voting with your feet," by leaving, and never coming back.

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