Friday, September 23, 2005

Put Your Photo on Your Business Card

When I spoke at HSMAI's national convention in Washington, DC, I invited audience members to give me their business cards afterward if they wanted to receive my free monthly e-mail newsletter, "Winning Words and Ways." Sixty-one people did that.

When I returned to my office and went through the cards, I tried to remember the people I had met so briefly. One person's card stood out from all the rest. Why? She had her photo on the card.

I recommend that you put your photo on your card, if company policy allows it. If company policy does not allow it, suggest a policy change.

I learned this good practice from real estate agents. Once when I was selling my house, a group of realtors came through and left their cards. The agents I identified with quickly and wanted to contact had included their photos on the cards. They became real and personable right away.

So if you have thought that putting your picture on your card was a sign of vanity, I invite you to re-evaluate your idea. No, you are simply helping people remember you--which is why you hand them your card anyway.

A final two tips. Make sure your photo is top quality, very clear with high resolution. Second, use an updated photo. If your photo is ten or more years old, your prospective client might wonder what else you are deceptive about!

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Blogger Bill Platt said...

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Blogger Bill Platt said...

I think that the same can be said about a website.

Too many people who have online businesses desire to hide behind their websites. Many will not give their name, and fewer will put their picture on their website.

Many say that they fear doing so, because all of the crazy people in the world.

I have been operating websites online since early 1995. Hiding in the shadows for the first couple of years, I failed to see any real success with my sites.

Then in 1998, I made the decision to stand up tall and proud. I thought to myself that I have nothing to fear but fear itself. I put my name on my websites, I put my picture on my websites, and since having made that decision, I have been able to count on an increasing customer base every single month.

In the past seven years, I have received many phone calls from customers inquiring about my services. And, seven years later, I have never had any nut come to my front door on account of my posting my address on any website.

By putting my face and name on my website, I have been able to put a human face on my website. I have learned first hand that when you have enough confidence in what you are offering to your potential customers to put your own name and face on your website, you are in fact giving your customers enough confidence in your offerings to give you a shot at earning their money for years to come.

Bill Platt - Owner
3510 Pike Trail
Enid, Oklahoma 73703 USA

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Blogger Bill Lampton, Ph.D. said...

Well said, Bill Platt! My mug appears on every page of my Web site, because like you I want to personalize my offerings.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Johnny said...

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