Monday, November 14, 2005

Vince Dooley: A Great Communicator, A Superb Host

Vince Dooley, who spent four decades as football coach and Director of Athletics at the University of Georgia, ranks very high among the most effective communicators I have ever known. I met Vince when I was teaching speech communication at the university, and I admired his poise and command of language when he hosted his own radio and TV shows. He remained as unshaken in defeat as he did in victory.

Soon after I started my company, Championship Communication, I had the privilege of working with Vince Dooley. He had me direct a Customer Care seminar for the Georgia Athletic Association. Not surprisingly, he was a superb host. In addition to providing a sterling introduction, he participated energetically in the ninety-minute session.

Here Vince and I are smiling about the release of his latest book, Dooley: My 40 Years at Georgia. I recommend the book, as a highly interesting account of his life and career. He writes as compellingly as he speaks.

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