Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who Is That Mysterious tlhh?


Have you gotten a letter from me that carried these initials in the
lower left corner?


If so, you may have wondered who tlhh, my
assistant, is. I am proud to introduce her to you.

Her name is Terrie Hoopaugh. Terrie lives in Oakwood, Georgia,
near Gainesville, my location. I started using Terrie's highly
professional executive services ten years ago. Not only is
her productivity prompt and accurate, she fulfills her
assignments with the bright smile you see in her photo--every time.

Terrie has carried out some mundane, routine work for me.
An example: typing the names and E-mail addresses of my
newsletter subscribers onto a spread sheet. Yet she has
demonstrated her skills at much higher levels, such as
evaluating the letters I draft, and making creative
suggestions for improvement.

When I asked Terrie what motivates her to deliver outstanding
work and maintain such a highly positive disposition, she answered: "My two daughters will be in the work force one day. I
want to give them an example of what it takes to
succeed--dedication, training, and loyalty. If they
see me practice those principles, that's worth more
than anything I can tell them."

Clearly, Terrie Hoopaugh represents thousands of
virtual assistants who enable entrepreneurs like me
to establish a thriving business, and make more
progress every year. I thank her for her vital
contributions to Championship Communication.

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