Friday, November 17, 2006

Longtime Friend and Booster Shares Lunch at Luna's


Recently, Wilbur Ramsey--one of the most prominent business men in Gainesville, Georgia--joined me for lunch at Luna's Restaurant. We talked about our long friendship, initiated in 1988, and about many other topics.

Not only has Wilbur remained a grand friend, he has been an enthusiastic booster for my career--encouraging me, applauding my successes, and sharing the business knowledge he gained during his distinguished professional life.

In addition to making his mark in business, Wilbur served on numerous boards, both commercial and nonprofit. Having watched him in action, I can assure you that he strengthened every group he joined.

Proudly, he was part of the "Greatest Generation," as Tom Brokaw called those who defended freedom in the Second World War.

I'm grateful for my affiliation with Wilbur Ramsey. I hope that you, too, have established ties with one or more outstanding people who brighten your day because they believe in you and your mission.

Oh, I strongly recommend Luna's Restaurant if you come to northeast Georgia:

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