Monday, March 05, 2007

"Please Tell Me a Story"

During our childhood, we enjoyed hearing a relative say, "Once upon a time." We knew they were going to read us a story or tell us one.
When we reach adulthood, we don't lose our love of stories. As a professional speaker, I sprinkle my speeches and seminars with relevant stories to illustrate my main points. Not only are stories great as teaching devices, they create interest and maintain attention.
Are you are aware that some people become professional story tellers? Recently I became acquainted with one, Karen Chace of East Freetown, MA, when she wrote me about one of my published articles. In the E-mail exchange that followed, Karen said: "Children love stories but I find that adults need happily ever after as well, more than ever. Some of my most successful venues have been for adults."
As for her role with children: "I teach children how to story tell, which is a wonderful way to instill oral presentation skills at a young age, something that will help them throughout their lives."
I encourage you to visit Karen's Web site: You may want to bring Karen to your organization for an unusual type of program that will appeal to everyone in your group.


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