Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Smiley Face Turns 25--But Isn't Always Appropriate

News flash!The wire services tell us that today, September 19, 2007, marks the 25th anniversary of the origin of the "Smiley Face." You know what I'm referring to. It is :-)

Seems that a Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Scott E. Fahlman, believes he is the first person to have used that symbol, now recognized universally. Soon his new way of indicating a smile spread around campus, then went way beyond the Carnegie Mellon boundaries.

It's easy to understand why the idea spread. Indeed, bright smiles enliven our days and lives. However, in the "Business Writing That Works" seminar that I have presented for leading organizations, I give some news about the Smiley Face that shocks participants: The Smiley Face is not a good idea in business e-mailing.

Why? Because e-mail readers are likely to misinterpret humor in writing. To illustrate, I tell seminar participants that I could see a good friend at the office coffee break, pat him on the back, grin widely, and say, "Joe, you're some kind of an S.O.B." Face to face, Joe would return my grin, and then chuckle good naturedly. However, suppose Joe opened his e-mail and found that same message. Chances are strong that he would react quite differently. . .with rage instead of laughter.

From experience, I can tell you that even with your close friends, :-) carries some risk. They might detect sarcasm, which you didn't intend at all.

Yes, I wish Smiley Face a Happy 25th. At the same time, I'll continue to teach and write about the pitfalls of e-mail humor.

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Keep on smiling. . .but not in your e-mails.

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