Monday, November 26, 2007

Communicate Across Cultures--Terry Brock Tells Us How

When internationally respected marketing expert Terry Brock
visited my Gainesville, Georgia office recently, I interviewed him.
Terry explained how he customized his communication when
he spoke in Dubai, Ireland,and Australia during his third
worldwide tour.

Among the guidelines Brock gives for communicating globally:
*Do your research. Analyze your audience thoroughly
*Learn the cultural differences, and respect them
*Use the local lingo, such as "G'day" in Australia
*Wherever you are, become a problem-solver
*Don't just rely on the latest gadget--give valuable information
*Recognize that people around the world might know technology
as well as you do

Join me as I interview Terry in this brief video:

Then visit Terry Brock's Web site to sign up for his monthly newsletter:


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