Monday, April 10, 2006

A Coaching Client Who Moved to the U.S. From Germany

For a three month period, I am providing weekly sales coaching for Bernd Baier, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Bernd serves as President/CEO of Aivant L.P., “The High Availability Company.” Aivant’s headquarters are in Stuttgart, Germany, Bernd’s native land.

Through Aivant, Bernd offers a service that companies need. When they purchase his “Business Shadow” protection against loss of computer information, they are preventing work force shutdowns that eat up dollars and frustrate employees and customers. Check his Web site to view a brief movie about Business Shadow:

Bernd serves as a classic case of someone with a good sales record who wants to establish a great business career--and mastering sales is the essence of succeeding in business. That’s one of my major satisfactions in coaching—working with professional people who want to achieve more, by improving their knowledge and skills.

Bernd represents a growing number of sales pros who work internationally. After launching his career in Germany with Hewlett-Packard, he moved to Atlanta to bring High Availability to mid-size companies in America, Canada and other locales.

A seasoned traveler, Bernd spent one day with a New Jersey client two weeks ago, then met with another in Florida the next day.

Early in our coaching sessions, Bernd completed the DISC Personal Style Analysis Survey, and we discussed the results very thoroughly. The advantage: Bernd identified his predominant communication style, and he learned how to adjust to people whose styles differ from his—a great asset in selling. We used Mike Stewart’s book, Close More Sales, to increase our understanding of DISC.

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