Friday, June 29, 2007

Meet a Generous Expert--Doug Smart

Not all experts are generous toward others. You and I have met highly successful people who are not approachable, except by those they consider their peers.

That's why it is so refreshing to meet leaders who have achieved plenty, yet have maintained their warmth, interest in others, and willingness to help people who need their friendship and mentoring.

Doug Smart, CSP, based in Roswell, Georgia, stands out as an expert who is glad to offer friendship and assistance. In many instances, he has served as my mentor ever since I became a professional speaker.

For example, I still remember my early attempts to become computer literate. During my twenty-three years in management, I had shied away from technology. Once I started my company, Championship Communication, there was no one to delegate to, so I had to get on a fast learning track to establish my Web site, distribute an E-mail newsletter, and eventually start this blog.

A phone conversation with Doug remains with me indelibly. I had no idea how to add blue text to my newsletter. With inexhaustible patience, Doug spent a half-hour with me on the phone, walking me through the process. The result: For several years my newsletter, "Winning Words and Ways," has contained color that provides variety and emphasis.

On more than one occasion, Doug has referred me as a speaker to prestigious groups. One was the Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Association International. Going on Doug's recommendation, HSMAI had me speak twice in Washington, DC. Also, Doug sponsored me to speak at the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (GNFCC) in Alpharetta, Georgia, where I presented a 90-minute seminar.

Without charging a penny for his services, Doug interviewed me as we produced two of the audio CDs you'll find on my Web site: "How to Become a Dynamic Speaker!" and "How to Succeed in Sales!" Purchase them, and you'll applaud Doug's interviewing skills--not a surprise to those who know about his extensive radio experience. Order these CDs from:

Doug's humanitarianism became quite public after hurricane Katrina. A New Orleans native, he wanted to stimulate support and relief for the storm's victims. Working with GNFCC, he spearheaded a fundraising effort that generated $16,000 for the struggling survivors.

Whatever your profession, I encourage you to affiliate with a mentor like Doug. For a decade, he has encouraged me, educated me, and befriended me.

Be sure to visit his Web site: Your organization will benefit from his talents as a speaker, seminar leader, consultant, and author.

Doug calls his company Smart Business. That's more than just a connection with his last name. The company name reflects his ability to energize corporations in a variety of industries. Yours could be next.